Wonderful Vintage Bathroom Designs

 Get your fresh body from your bathroom. A nice and comfortable bathroom is a dream of every one. Dominate your bathroom with color and light green. Color your wall with white. Combine it with light green on another side. To make your bathroom more spacious, choose a high ceiling is a good choice. Color it with white.

Take a small part of bathroom’s ceiling for glass roof. In the morning the sunlight will come to your bathroom. It makes your bathroom healthy. On the other hand, the sun light can be an alternative of your light before the dark comes. While in the evening, you can apply some white lamps on the ceiling. So, your lightened vintage bathroom designs work. For the floor, choose ceramics with light brown color.

To make you enjoy clean your face, wash your hands, brush your teeth, and another activity, you can use washbowl. You may put not only one washbowl but you can take more. Two is possible. Place the washbowl on the long table with grey pattern marble and some drawers. Accompany the wash table with long mirror.

Mirror that is as long as the table will make your activity easier. You are free to see the detail of your face. On the opposite of the wastafel, you can lay your bath up. White on the side, you may put a closet. By choosing white furniture there will make your beautify your bathroom.

You love to get nature senses in your bathroom? By adding some accessories likes a glass flower vases, wall paintings, small sculptures, ceramic urns, and a plate for tissue. Vintage bathroom designs can be applied through the placement of a big ceramic urn near the toilet. Put the small sculpture in the corner of your long table. While to add the nature impressions, place the flower vases between the washbowl and a plate for tissues.

Perfect your vintage bathroom design with making it presentable. Refresh your body, refresh your day.





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