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Wonderful Teal Bedroom



Check your bedroom out. Is it interesting? It has been as you want? You have been bored with the situation or atmosphere there, it’s better for you to change it with another design. Try to have a wonderful teal bedroom. The use of teal color will bring the calm nuance to your bedroom. So, it surely makes you sleep soundly. Besides, spending your time there will be one of your favorite activities.

Your best ideas of wonderful teal bedroom comes from the color selection of the wall. Paint the wall with greenish and unique styles. It will lose the monotonous wall. If you like art, move your canvas and make wall décor there makes everything more stylish.

Another way that you can do is by making wall décor through your creativity, for example making paper wall décor. Then, make the room brighter and more spacious by coloring the ceiling with white. Add light blue on the edge of the ceiling. There, you may also install ceiling lamps as the supporting lamps in your bedroom. To make the room warm, wooden flooring can be chosen.

Your sleeping activity will be more comfortable by using a soft bed. Use shabby blue bed with a dots bedcover on the dark wooden couch. Add light blue pillows and some pattern black. You may also add pink pillows. They will shake the calm of the bed. Don’t forget to build a large glass window where the air circulation happens. Cover the window with white curtain.

In the corner of the room, make high white wall floating shelves. The shelves are as high as the room. So, they will connect the ceiling and the floor. Put some unique accessories there. You may also show off your handicraft. One thing should be considered in designing a room is lighting. Hang a glass decorative chandelier over the bed to make the room more elegant and luxurious. Add a black table lamp on the dresser beside your bed. End you design of your teal bedroom by spreading a shabby greenish rug. Get your own room and relax being there.





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