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Wonderful Galley Kitchen Design


Make your cooking activity comfortable by a wonderful galley kitchen design. Apply the best ideas to your kitchen and you will get unexpected kitchen. As the place where you should prepare food for your family, a kitchen should not only be cozy but also interesting, wonderful instead. So that, not only you who enjoy being there, but your family will also be happy to give you a hand or maybe just accompany you cooking there. It will be a nice moment in your day, right?

Your best galley kitchen design starts from the cabinets. Cabinets are the most suitable thing to be placed in your kitchen. The cabinets which are installed throughout the room will be able to accommodate all your kitchen equipment, from the small things to the quite bulky one. If you want to have a kitchen with rustic or warm nuance, you can apply light wooden cabinets. They will be really charming in combining with wooden flooring.  The white ceiling with some ceiling lamps makes your galley kitchen more wonderful.

But when you like something modern, it’s possible for you to use non-wooden cabinets. Pair it with white flooring and white ceiling. The placement of sink in front of the window will make you enjoy doing activity there. You can see the beautiful garden in your backyard while you are washing the dishes. While in the backsplash part, you may use wall lamps there. They are used for lighting your cook. Another thing that you need to think about your kitchen is the countertop selection. Try to use a best countertop to get a durable countertop.

Perfect the design of your galley kitchen by adding a cool kitchen island. L shaped kitchen island can be a choice of yours. Place it in the corner and add pendant lamps over it. Don’t forget some chairs are needed there. Another way of using kitchen island is by using the simple one in the middle of the kitchen. Place chairs surround it.

Your galley kitchen design ends by placing a green potted plant and flower vase. They surely refresh your kitchen.


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