Wonderful Ensuite Bathroom Designs


Having a luxurious bathroom and has a beautiful view is a pleasant thing. Not only as a place to shower, but you can also make it as a place to freshen up after work. How to create it? The second floor of your home that you simply use as a master bedroom will be very comfortable if it’s fitted with an ensuite bathroom. So you do not need down the stairs just to wash your hands or face wash.

Let’s design how to make it wonderful. Divide your ensuite bathroom into several sections. On the right, you can make it as the place of washing face, hands, brushing your teeth, or other activities.

You just need to make a sink and add a mirror. Try to choose a sink that is brown. Why should brown? Because we also use brown wooden tiles as well as the walls. The wall is painted with the color brown.

While for the ceiling, you can paint it a light brown color. So that, all the components there are fit each other. Then in the middle of the room, you may have a bathtub with a rain shower and a pool around.

While, to make your bathroom unusual, you can use a large glass window on the one side of the wall. It is where you can enjoy the view outside. It will be really amazing when you are lying on the bathtub with a rain shower above but you can enjoy the blue sky and green trees outside. To get into the bathtub in the middle of the pool you need to step on through the paths. It will be a sensation before bathing.

If you want a natural feel, you can add a few potted plants in your large bathroom. On more, to keep your toiletries, you may place a cabinet there.

So, now you have a wonderful ensuite bathroom to freshen up your body. You don’t need to spend long time to get there, because it’s near your bedroom.




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