Wonderful DIY Home Décor


A home that mediocre and far from beautiful will surely make the occupants uncomfortable being there. And if you have the house mentioned, you need to decorate it to be beautiful and cozy residential. Take advantage of your great ideas to make it happen. You do not need to spend a lot of money to create it.

By making use of items that are not used anymore, you can catch your brilliant idea creation to eliminate monotonous impression of your home. What is wonderful DIY home décor like for your home?

One of used things you can apply in your home is light bulbs. Maybe most people never think that they can take advantages from it and they like to throw it or keep it in the warehouse, whereas they can use it to beautify the porch of their home. Your creative ideas will works trough the light bulbs.

Throw the inside of the lamp so that it will leave an empty light bulb. The base of the lamp also need to dispose of, it is used as a place to grow plants. Then wipe the bulb and you can fill it with water and beautiful brightly colored flowers. Last, hang bulb flowers in front of your house.

Enjoy the fresh water of the clear glass bulb and bright color flowers that grow protruding from it. In addition, you can make your home attractive wall with a floating wall shelve. Once again, you can utilize the existing wood in your warehouse.

Cut into multiple pieces of equal size. Stacking the wood pieces into a hexagon shape and install them on the wall. Make three fused hexagons, so it will generate a unique shape. There, you can put some of your favorite books and ornaments collection.

To enhance your DIY home decor, you can put a piece of wood again in the middle of the hexagon. Place your photo frame there.

There are still many steps to decorate your home with your own ideas. You do not need to buy anything new, but just take advantage of second-hand goods in your home. Be sure that your great idea is able to produce a wonderful DIY home decor.



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