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Wonderful Bohemian Bedroom Designs


Designing a bedroom is a must for you to get the most comfortable private place. Grab the best ideas and apply them to your room. There are many wonderful ways that you can apply. One of them is a bohemian bedroom. It’s really great for people who live unconventional, usually artistic and lives. The use of bright colors, crazy patterns and artistic atmosphere are the characteristic of that bedroom. Play with unique minds and show your ideas that other people never think about that. Through those ideas, you will have an unusual bedroom.

Your brave ideas start from the wall. Maybe just a few people think that they can show their character on the wall. Have you ever imagined that wall behind the headboard can be wonderful with sky shades. They clean white cloud and cloudy one make your bed is like over the sky. Combine with white bed. Cover the bed with grey bedcover and some stripes grey pillows.

Adding white pillows is also able to be done there. While on the both sides of the bed, you may have a table with unique stands on each. Place black or white table lamp to enlighten you when sleeping. Present your free life with wooden flooring and some green potted plants. The nuance of forest will very good for your bohemian bedroom. But, if you like modern, shiny wooden flooring with modern pattern will help. Make you enjoy spending your break time by sitting on the puff in front of your bed.

Choose a long pink puff with gold on its edge. Want a rustic one? A simple bamboo bench can replace the puff. Don’t forget to place a wooden desk with a simple chair in front of the white door. Make the window’s look more unique by covering it with bamboo curtain. You may also put a potted plant under the window. It looks fresh.

Perfect your bohemian bedroom with accessories. You may use bird cages, unique paintings, and amazing art works are welcome. Use the best lighting of bohemian and it will be the most wonderful bedroom you’ve ever known.



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