Wonderful Big Closet Designs



You have many clothes, shoes, sandals, and accessories? But you don’t want them fill up your bedroom? So, a big closet will help you to overcome your problem. You can put all your clothes and accessories there. Arrange them in order, so your closet will be tidy and makes you easy to find out your clothes.

Big closet is able to receive all clothes, sandals, slippers, and accessories you have. To put your clothes, you might have a high wardrobe. There you can hang all your clothes and put your folded clothes. If your wardrobe is too high and it’s too hard for you to reach the top part, you can combine your wardrobe with sliding ladder door.

So, you can pick your clothes through the ladder. Then, for your shoes, you’d better to lay them in glass cabinets. It helps you to take your sandals directly.

You could decide what sandal you are going to wear before opening the cabinet. Another idea to create your closet is by using opening wall shelves.  It colors your closet. It can be used to put your slippers or shoes you often wear. You will get it easily.

On the opposite side of the opening shelves, you can place a glass cabinet to save your accessories. The beauty of the accessories could be showed through the glass cabinet.

Well, you don’t only have a tidy big closet, but you are also able to make it as a cozy place. How to make you closet cozy? The cupboard and shelves that fit on the sides of the wall will make the middle part of your closet empty. If you like to sew, put the sewing machine in the middle of the room that you can do.

While on the other hand, you can add a glass table with a vase of colorful flowers. Mix with a soft pad chairs. And let your husband sit there to accompany you who are sewing clothes were torn.

One important thing in creating wonderful big closet is the color and light selection. Choose dark color for the wardrobe and shelves, and bright color for the wall, ceiling and floor. Shine it with a luxurious decorative chandelier.



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