Wonderful Bedroom with IKEA Nightstand


Your bedroom is mess of documents or small things? Don’t make you annoyed after work because of your untidy bedroom. Storing things in the right place should be applied. As the comfort of room is not only determined by the best bed, the expensive furniture, or luxurious supporting things. But it is also determined by the neatness of the room. What is the expensive room but not neat, even mess for? It must make you don’t feel comfortable being there. One of ways to make your room tidier is by placing IKEA nightstand.

The presence of IKEA nightstand is able to make your bedroom wonderful. The dark brown wooden nightstand which place near the bed will be really visible in presence when it’s combined with the other light colors. Combining the dark brown wooden nightstand with pretty purple IKEA bedroom can be a great choice. Make you room seems more spacious by applying white flooring and also white ceiling.

The white of those is more chic if combined with light purple wall. Let the sunlight warms your body through the white window behind the bed. By letting the sunlight gets to your room at noon, you don’t need to turn the lamps on. Your tired bodies will surely makes you want to immediately lay your body on the bed. Just spoil your body on the purple IKEA bed there.

The pattern bed sheet, soft purple pillows, and some white pillows can be a good option to lose the monotonous of the bed. Add white puff in front of the bed to be sat when you want to cut your nails or read your favorite comics. Frank the bed with white table lamps. The light of the table lamps will accompany you when sleeping. So, you just see that the color selection of purple IKEA bedroom will make the dark brown IKEA nightstand as the point in the room. In that IKEA nightstand you can keep your document or other small things of yours.

As many as your imagination, IKEA nightstand has also many varieties to beautify your bedroom. Work with the best nightstand to get the best room.


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