Walk in Terrific Closet Ideas


Girls, having many clothes, sandals, shoes, slipper, accessories and other beautiful trinkets are a nice thing. Yet, you confused where you put them? It will make your bedroom stuffy if you store them all there. So, what you need now is a closet. A terrific closet will be a good option for you. Work with your own antique imagination and walk in closet ideas to create your terrific closet. There is where you are able to keep all your clothes and accessories and also you enjoy walking around the room choosing the best clothes for your days.

The nice of closet can be done through the selecting of colors, furniture, lighting, and also the arrangement of the things. Walk in closet ideas by choosing white as the dominant color will make you easy to combine with other colors of supporting furniture. Just paint the wall and ceiling by white color. As the floor, you may take bone white patterned flooring. It loses the monotonous of the closet and makes it not boring.

To store your goods, the wooden shelves which are attached to the wall will give space more in the middle of the closet. So you can walk around closet to find out your clothes freely. The shelves are on the right and left side of the door. The big shelf on the right can be used to hang your coats and another dress which can be folded. While on the left shelf is to keep your folded clothes.

While in front of the door, you may have opening glass shelves. Use a soft pink background. It will make your closet more charming. Lay your shoes and sandals there. Perfect your shoes shelf with wall lamps. The yellow lights of the lamps will make the part more luxurious. The reflections on the glass will light the pink background that’s later on gives the luxurious sense to the space.

Last, putting a colorful dot chair in the middle of the room can be an alternative to sit when you feel confused of taking clothes. Show off your great ability and walk in closet ideas to get maximal results.


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