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Stunning Feng Shui Bedroom

There are many things must be considered in building a house, including bedrooms. One of them is by adjusting it with Feng Shui. Many people believe that by applying Feng Shui to their bedrooms, it can give fortunes for them. They will take the advantage of birth date and choose the best luck of theirs. If you are interested in, a stunning Feng Shui bedroom can be yours. You can do many things you like there. 

One important thing that can be done in the Feng Shui bedroom is choosing color based on the element in Feng Shui. The best ideas are started from the floor. Use wood element for it. Brown pattern flooring can be your choice. Paint the wall with dark brown. Combine it with earth element.

Light shelve which float on the wall behind the headboard is really good. You can fill it with your favorite novels or some urns you got when traveling. While on the both sides of the selves, you may hang some photo frames and paintings. They are able to make the blank wall more interesting.

Then, you also can apply metal element on the ceiling and bed. Your bedroom will be elegant and modern with it. You can combine your white bed with some cream pillows. Make you have a sound of sleep by presenting two table lamps on the right and left side of bed. Put them on the light beige short cabinets. Try to use yellow lighting. It really makes you sleep comfortably.

To beautify, a white rug in front of the bed can be spread there. If you like to watch TV, you can put it there. Complete it with grey couple sofa. You may also add a white puff there. It’s nothing wrong when you add green of wood element. Just put green leaves plant in the glass vase. 

Make your Feng Shui bedroom more stunning with great lighting. White lamps on the ceiling are really chic. Enjoy relaxing there.               


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