Romantic Vintage Bedroom Designs

If you are a new couple who just got married, a romantic bedroom will be your dream. But not only romantic, you can also decorate your bedroom with unusual style. Vintage bedroom design can be performed by applying some high class furniture, bold color, and lighting. They are keys to make your dream comes true.

Bright and soft colors are good for the romantic bedroom. You can use a canopy bed with a gold color covered by pink bed cover that hung down to the floor. Use pillows which covered by white cover and some pink patterned pillows. To make your body warm in the cold weather, so you need a blanket. A white blanket on the bed is a beautiful combination with pink bedcover.

The combination between pink, white, and a bit pink patterned on the pillow will bring a soft and comfortable feel. While the gold on canopy bed make a luxurious shade. The bed which placed in the middle will be enhanced by the presence of two white chest drawers.

To support the main light in your bedroom, put artistic table lamps on each chest drawer. It is not only for lightning but also beautify your room. The presence of a white vase and pink flower on the side of the table lamp and a tissue box on the other chest drawer make your bedroom really chic.

Romantic vintage bedroom design is supported with the color of the wall. Choose white for the plafond, it can make the room more spacious and higher. Paint the wall with soft light green and combine with flower patterned curtains. It is match if you choose the curtain in the combination between pink, white, and soft light green.

When you go in to your bedroom, your legs will be on the floor where you step on. Choosing wood flooring will give warm impression. It also looks more natural. You may add vintage bedroom design with your creative ideas, for example by using a dim light, not too bright will make your room more romantic.

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