Remarkable House with Tray Ceiling


Your house is not as interesting as you want? It looks monotonous? Or you feel that it is just so-so? Nothing’s special there? Check it! The wall has been cool; the floor has great, too. The accessories are enough for the room. You also take the best furniture. So, it would be the ceiling of your house. Ceiling has an important role in forming a remarkable house. Through the ceiling, the character of householders can be known. They belong to simple, glamour, friendly, brave, or calm people? The elegant sense is also able to be produced through ceiling. That is tray ceiling.

As one of ways that you can do to make your house wonderful, tray ceiling has many styles and formed with varieties shapes. One of them is combine it with crown molding. The edge which knobs and the middle part which is more concave than the edge will make the ceiling to be beautiful.

Draw soft lines there to eliminate the impression of monotony. Paint it with white. It will make you easy to combine with another color and also make the room more spacious, especially if you build high ceiling. It’s able to make the room looks large. Install white lamps on it. They surround a decorative chandelier which hangs in the middle. Besides, you can also apply another style of tray ceiling.

Grey ceiling with cherry red on the edge can be taken or your house. Make squares on the ceiling using wood. Polish and varnish it. Yet, if you like to let the wood as the original, it would be good, too. Place them and your ceiling will not boring. Some yellow lamps on the corner and glass chandelier as the main light are able to make your house remarkable. They work with interesting tray ceiling ideas.

Tray ceiling in your house could be more perfect in combining with your imagination. Play with them and feel the gratification.



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