Modern Industrial Bathroom Designs


Cleaning you body in the bathroom is one of the activities we do every day. Selections of a good material for the bathroom need to be carefully related to the use of water. Choose waterproof material (spots caused by soap scum and mildew), easy to install, easy care and cleaning, as well as the colors do not easily fade. Presenting modern industrial bathroom design will feed that neutral and free impression.

The first of modern industrial bathroom designs, show the industrial atmosphere through the wall. Cover the above part with glasses and choose small black ceramics to cover the bottom wall. Then, color your ceiling with metallic or white.

Ceramic flooring in a large size is a good combination for all. They can make it has a large space. To make the bathroom modern, use some lamps on the ceiling. Separate your bathroom between wet area and dry area. For the dry area, you can have a closet and sink. While for the wet one, you can have a shower or a bath up. To separate the dry and wet area, you can use shower box or if you want it simpler you can use the insulating glass.

One of the important elements that support the activities in the bathroom is the mirror. And you can take it from the wall mirror that covers the wall. When cleansing face or the back of the body, we can take advantage of the wall mirror. In addition, the function of the reflective wall mirror can also extend the room. Very appropriate if the bathroom is not so great placed wall mirror.

Don’t break your industrial bathroom design by presenting bright colors. You don’t need to put some accessories in your bathroom. But, for hanging your clothes or towel, you can put clothes hook near the door. Don’t forget to choose black or metallic door to support the existence of industrial nuance.


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