Mesmerizing Minimalist Bedroom Designs


Image when you feel tired and bored of your activity along the week, what do you want to have? Take a rest in the comfortable bedroom right? But, you also feel bored with your simple room atmosphere is so-so only? So, it is the time for you to re-design your bedroom to be mesmerizing minimalist bedroom. By change the design of your bedroom, you will get leisure after the tiring work.

Let’s start designing your room by choosing the best color for it. Color the wall with brown. You can combine it with setting fabulous black retro wallpaper shaped on the other side of the wall. Make your bedroom warm and healthy with letting the morning sunlight comes to your room through the glass window behind the bed. Cover it with white bone curtain.

While for flooring, you’d better to apply large white ceramics flooring. Expand your eyes with white ceiling while lying down on your lovely bed. Then, present a strong character of your room by choosing a simple couch, black bed cover, and some pillows are wrapped with a bright red color.

On the right side of the bed, your important documents can be saved in the red short chest drawer. While on the other side, enjoy your sleep with a black decorative floor lamp. Next, where you will put your clothes? Here, the red wardrobe in front of the brown wall ready to accept any clothes you want to save.

Choosing a wardrobe with a mirror/glass on the door will be a good way where you can see you look before working. If you are woman and you need a mirror where you can make up your face, you can add a mirror on the black retro wallpaper wall. Under the mirror, putting a tall red chest drawer is a great idea for you who have many things to save. Beautify your minimalist bedroom with a red flower vase on the drawer.

Are you a bookworm? You like to read in your spare time after work? If so, it is good for you to put red and black puffs in your mesmerizing minimalist bedroom. Last, enjoy your sleep and get ready for great things.



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