Magic Purple Bathroom Designs

Getting your body fresh is what you do every day. Feel comfort and nice being there is what you want. So, choose bathroom according to what you like is your dream. Who you love purple, of course you will have purple bathroom. So, here is the choice. Not only purple bathroom which can gives monotonous nuance, but you can add an impression magic to your bathroom. It will make your bathroom unique and unusual.

Magic nuance can be produced by dark color. As color selection has an important role in home designs. So, first let’s play with colors. For your dry area, paint your wall with wood color and take a small part to be painted by light brown. On the light brown space, put some shiny purple wall cabinets. Arrange the cabinets in the middle.

Add two circle glasses on the other side and illuminate them with wall lights. To make that part more interesting, put a violet urn and white urn in the corner. Then, where a sink exists, the wood color wall could be combined with violet cabinets under the sink. By choosing a gold sink, your purple bathroom looks deluxe. Pair it with a wall mirror which wrapped by violet frame.

Beside the gold sink, you can give a bulb forecaster. With a bulb forecaster, the magic nuance in your bathroom. Then place a violet modern bath up in the wet area. Adding a gold shower is a great way to give the impression of luxury.

To spoil you while bathing, use wall lamps over the bath up. Don’t forget to distinguish the wet area and dry area. Coloring a wet area with light brown is able to expand your view. On the other way, you can add a glass barrier.

Then, perfect your purple bathroom a nature nuance. Putting a plant pot is the way. So, now your bathroom gives you a magic spirit after bathing.




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