Luxurious Marble Bathroom Designs

Being comfort in the bathroom is really needed. A very solid day of your activities definitely makes you tired. And the first time you want to do is refresh your body. Presence of blue marble bathroom luxury will spoil you when to clean the body. Combining the colors navy blue, sky blue, silver, and gold colors will bring a little luxury bathrooms and comfortable. It is also supported with the use of marble as a material forming the bathroom adequate lighting also makes your bathroom feels spacious.

Decide what bathroom you want, the dry bathroom or the wet one. But, now we will have both. To differentiate which the wet area and which dry one, you must separate between the dry area and the wet one. For the dry area, you can have a closet and sink. While for the wet one, you can have a shower or a bath up. To separate the dry and wet area, you can use a glass.

Choose white bath up and cover the wall over the bath room with blue line ceramics. Add abstract wallpaper in the middle. Use a gold shower to make it more luxurious. Apply the silver marble for flooring. While for your dry area, use wall mirror to cover wall over the beige cabinets. Besides making a large sense, it has another function. Choose a silver counter top and combine with gold sink.

Another way to show the luxury of your blue marble bathroom is by adding gold color on the edges or curvature of cabinets which are under the sink. The cabinets there are used as the storage. Complete your bathroom with a toilet. Put a white toilet on the opposite of the cabinets. Add clothes hook near the toilet. Choose the gold color. Then, to show the luxury of your room you need lights. Some lights on the ceiling will shine your bathroom.

If you like to put some accessories, you can put there. Don’t forget to choose gold and blue color accessories. They will make your blue marble bathroom perfect.



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