Luxurious Classic Country Kitchen


You want to get rustic shades in your kitchen? Applying country kitchen will be a right choice. It would make your kitchen be unusual and different from the others. To create it, a wooden kitchen set and traditional lights are some ways you could do.

Check your own ideas out for making the kitchen as you want. Start it from the floor. Wooden flooring is the best choice of your country kitchen. Make the room more spacious with high ceiling. Paint it with light brown. Then, install ceramic backsplash on the wall. It protects the wall from the splashes and also makes you easy to clean. Try to take light brown ceramics. It will show the existence of the backsplash among the dark brown wooden cabinets. Through the wooden kitchen cabinets, you can store your stuffs.

Your appliance can make your kitchen mess. So, don’t forget to keep them in the cabinets too. The wooden materials of the kitchen set will make your cooking space seems to be much more natural within the prettiness of great design. Add supporting wall lamps near the backsplash. They light your cooking activity. So, your cook will not be scorched.

After cooking, invite your family to enjoy the cook on the big wooden countertop. Take much of the counter top to be used as a dining table. Surround it with wooden chairs. Add a sunflower vase on the table to bring natural sense. Discover the luxurious classic nuance of your kitchen by traditional chandelier. Take the simple and yellow light. It will highlight the luxury and classic of the room. While in the noon, you can take the advantage of the sunlight to brighten your cooking activity.

In addition, we have the greatest step for perfecting your country kitchen. Placing a big green pot in the corner is great. It gives the nuance of nature and also country feels in combining with the wooden kitchen set.




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