Luxurious Blue Bathroom Designs


Are you a blue lover? If so, applying the blue color on everything around you will be your own happiness. Including the use of blue for your private rooms, that’s a bathroom. As the one of private rooms and often be visited, your bathroom must be as you like. But should not only be blue bathroom as you want, it is also cozy. The blue and cozy bathroom is not enough when you belong to someone who loves royal things. Yet, having a luxurious blue bathroom will be the nicest thing of yours.

In creating a great blue bathroom, you need to combine with natural color like white or dark brown. Some gold tools and accessories are able to make the bathroom luxurious. Well, let’s start to know what your luxurious blue bathroom should be like. Choosing white bone ceiling can be a chic combination when combined with blue ceramic wall. The white flooring is also a good choice. So, the white on the ceiling and floor frank the calm blue wall. Use patterned ceramic will make the wall more interesting.

Then, use a bath tub which is engraved on a blue concrete box. Pair it with golden faucet. Add wood hood which full of carvings. They will make your blue bathroom more luxurious and also seems traditional.

Another thing you can do to your blue bathroom is by using a white sink. Place it next to the bathtub. Take the advantage of golden faucet and golden mirror frame to present the splendid nuance. While under the sink, you may add curved wooden cabinets. The brown curved wooden cabinets bring the shade of expensive traditional blue bathroom. On the opposite side of the sink, you can spread out a red rug.

Working with gold decorative chandelier and other golden accessories likes golden rubbish bin and other tools will perfect your luxurious blue bathroom. The light from the chandelier reflects the golden accessories which later on it gives golden reflection on the blue wall. It will be luxurious in blue.


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