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One of the needs we must meet in our life is a place to stay. Having your own place without having to sign or stay in a boarding is a dream of every person who has a family. A house is not just a place to live, but also should provide a comfort for the occupants.

One thing that you can do when you have a place to stay is creating a dwelling in accordance with your wishes. Traditional home is what you can choose to enjoy your life with family after activities outside.

Traditional home tends to be large and usually have a large yard. The forms of house building is also still original and ancient, it has been untouched by modernization. Some of the traditional houses are usually composed of wood or if the homeowner would not possibly let the walls are not finished.

When you will enter a part of the house, you are greeted with green grass and one or two big trees. Your steps will be guided to go home with stone walkway that is planted between the green grasses. While on the front porch you’ll find some flower pots.

To reach the inside of the house, you will feel the traditional feel of a carved teak wood door. Your traditional home will truly traditional by allowing red or orange-colored walls of brick and tile blackish gray color.

Make your home more attractive by using old furniture. As your living room, you can use a wooden chair and wooden table. You also can use a wicker chair as another option. Use the yellow chandelier to illuminate the room.

Then, take trinkets of wood or ceramic to beautify the room. For your dining room, use a large wooden table with a few chairs around it. You can also add a large wooden cabinet. Pick calm brown wood furniture that is identical to the traditional colors. Beautify the room with a large floor wooden clock.

For other spaces in your home, you can choose furniture that is also derived from wood. You can make creations with your creative ideas. So you will get an interesting and comfortable traditional home to stay there.




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