Interesting Living Rooms with IKEA Rugs

Step of your feet will be interested to go into the living room with the presence of IKEA Rugs. Many shades of IKEA rugs can be applied in your living room. Let’s check what the living room like what would be more interesting with the rug.

Whatever the theme of the living room, you can actually use the IKEA rug, just how we choose a color and style rug is right for our living room. For example IKEA rug with black and white stripes can be spread on the wooden flooring in your neutral living room. Why should you choose black and white? Black and white belongs to neutral color. It is really interesting with white wall and big white glass window.

While on the rug, you may choose black coffee table and black sofa with red cushions. In the evening, illuminate the black and white rug with a white floor lamp. Your living room will be more interesting if you add a chair next to the sofa and add cushions that have a similar color to the rug.

For you who like to have cheerful shades of your neutral living room, spreading colorful rug in one way. You may make the rug as the point in your living room. The colorful of it will be great with the white sofa and white simple table on it. In the noon, the beauty of the rug’s color was radiated from the sunlight which coming through the glass window.

Not only from the colorful rug, but the cloudless sense of your living room can be presented by the use of cushions. Bright red cushions, white cushions, and some light brown patterned cushions are able to bring a grateful feeling to the room.

Your interesting living room could be more comfortable with the nice light. The main light which accompanied with floor lamp in the cornet not only makes your living room bright, but also makes your living room more elegant. Last, complete your living room with IKEA rugs to make it perfect.


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