Interesting Living Rooms with DIY TV Stand

Having a nice living room is a dream of everyone. But, you don’t have space for theater room, so it makes you make your living room as the theater, too. To make your dream comes true, of course you need a TV stand. There you lay your TV and another supporting tool to spoil you watching your favorite movies, moreover when you are able to make a DIY TV stand.

Your living will be more interesting with the existence of rustic TV stand. That TV stand can be made by your hands. Use woods to make the stand. Why wood? Because objects made of wood are usually related with rustic shades. Make the stand small and elongated. Let the wood that you use for DIY TV stand as the original. You do not need to paint it, just polish it.

To produce the rustic TV stand more natural, you can combine it with green leaves which put in the glass vase. Then, you also can make a modern TV stand. You just need to prepare some boards. Make sure that the boards you are using are fine and finished. Arrange the boards into an open box.

So you only use four boards, two boards for the top and bottom, while two more for the right and left. After that, you need to paint it glossy black. Pair it with a lace tablecloth on it. And now you are ready to install it in your modern living room.

Well, if you like something different, you may create a floating wall mount TV stand. Just mount the TV stand that you created above on the wall. Add an open box below. But you do not need to make it as big as the first box. That is where you can keep a collection of your favorite cassettes. While the first box you’d use to put the VC, audio control, or other equipments. Then, on the top of it, you can put your TV.

In addition, don’t forget to make your DIY TV stand in your living room looks more interesting by adding table cloths, flower vases, urns, or other accessories.



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