Interesting Living Room with White Brick Wall



Having an elegant white room and traditional nuance in the same time will be one of great ideas in creating your cozy living room. Working with other ideas of using proper furniture can make your living room more interesting. The nuance and elegant sense is presented by the use of white brick wall. The brick wall which is let unfinished brings an artistic feel. Then, the white paint will make the room elegant.

Ready to know how your living will be nice with white brick wall? First, you need to paint the ceiling with white too. While white flooring is the right choice to use. The only white in your living room would make your living room boring and monotonous. By using a brown and red rug will beautify your living room.

Your feet are also spoiled with the soft of the rug. So, enjoy stepping on it. Next, please your guest sit on the white bone sofa. Pair it with black striped cushions. You also need to add black wooden back rest there. Adding a black stripes puff there is what you can apply when you have many guests. Don’t forget to serve your guests with drinks and snacks. Put them on the large glass table in the middle of the seats.

Make the table to be fresher with fresh yellow sun flowers and glass vase. By presenting those things, your white brick wall will not be flat, inviting instead. Make your eyes focused on the sparkling red board over the sofa. Hang your photo frames there. When working with white, something needs to be considered is the proper lighting. Use lights which not too bright to bring the room warm.

Another way you can do to perfect your light in your living room is through floor lamps. The white brick wall can be more unique with an arc floor lamp which faces to the table. Get your perfect living room with your own imagination.



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