Interesting Industrial Bedroom Designs

Want to have your bedroom different from the others? Having a unique bedroom is a nice thing. Moreover when you don’t just have a unique bedroom, but you also have a comfortable of course you would like being there. Combining between function and aesthetics, art and technology, with industrial style will make your room different. An industrial bedroom design is related to the industrial world of course. The form design display tends to have multiple functions strong technique.

Industrial bedroom design could incorporate a modern feel or sometimes traditional. A traditional sense is produced by the use of beige ceiling and the wallpaper. The use of beige ceiling can expand the room when you are lying down on your bed. The traditional sense can be supported with plaid wallpaper with wood shades.

Use wood floors dark brown. Choose a color that is shiny so it will provide an interesting nuance. Dark brown color selection can also make the floor appears clean when it is dirty. Spread out a beige carpet on the canopy bed. The beige carpet will make your floor interesting, although it is calm.

Use of canopy bed combined with matching color of the bedcovers and pillowcases that brown will enhance your bed. Show industrial impression in your room by placing a chandelier made ​​of metal or stainless steel just above the bed. Choose a yellow light can bring a romantic sense to your bedroom.

Add floor lamps on the both side of your room will make your bedroom more interesting. Select the floor lamps which made of metal with modern design. To present industrial nuance, you set a simple armchair with a light grey. Combine it with an unfinished table which is right next the wall. Another way to beautify your room is by putting sofa with a combination of light brown and white.

Industrial bedroom design will be more beautiful with the existence of a small plant pot in front of the window. Its presence breaks the monotonous of the room and makes it more fresh.


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