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Interesting House with DIY Wall Décor


A house is not just a place where we can take refuge from the heat of the hot sun, wet rain, extreme weather, but also a place where we spend our time. So, have a house that is in line with expectations is what we want. There are many ways to make our house comfortable. One of them is by designing it with DIY wall decor. Wall décor can be done through paintings or installing wallpapers.

One of simple things to do in making your interesting house is by applying wallpaper. It is very simple to do, easy to set, and gives great nuance as we want. You can use it in some rooms of your house. For your cool bedroom, you are able to use white and black wallpaper.

While to give a cheerful nuance in your room, colorful wallpaper is the way. Other ways, if you want to do something a little playful, gather all your lipstick shades and kiss yourself some adorable wall art in your room. Well, to make your house interesting, not only wallpaper you can use but also another wall décor.

If you like art, applying your own string art there. You can make a beautiful piece of wall art with some simple nails and colored string or yarn. Then, let’s cover your living room with another DIY wall décor idea. You can create a quotable canvas with supplies from around your place. Do it with a little acrylic paint and any size canvas.

Use cut-up magazines and newspaper to make your own quotable and colorful wall art. While for your dining room, you can show your character there through the use of thumb tacks to spell out your favorite phrase or create an original design on a painted canvas. Who knew these office supplies could be so versatile?

Still there are many ways to decorate the wall. If you frequently have a party, use a wall painted with light brown and add with roses on bright paper is one way smart and easy to implement in your home. You just replace it with red and green for Christmas celebration, grim violet and orange for Halloween, and other colors that are tailored to the theme of the party. Get your house to be more interesting with DIY wall décor.




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