Interesting House Design with Shed Roof


The beauty of a house is also determined by roof. And shed roof is one of simple roofed structure which can be applied in your house. The roof of your house is that protects you from the heat of the sun and also the rain. When you feel hot under the sun, you just need to stay under the roof, and the problem is solved. Yet, when it is rainy, the rain water that fell from the sky will moisten your house if you do not which the best roof for your house. And shed roof is one of roofs you can use.

A common variation of contemporary and modern architecture refers to the roof form. A shed roof which slopes in only one direction with no gable peak is a good option for your house. It doesn’t mean that you are only able to apply single shed roof. Yet, you may have multiple shed roofs. Creating a structure with multiple shed roofs is easy to accomplish in designing your house. Let’s know how the multiple shed roofs should be.

By having three shed roofs can make your house unique. Make the roofs slope in different directions. One roof slopes to the rear while the other two sides leading to each side. So that it will be shaped like a capital letter of A which is not perfect. It will give an artistic value to your house. The multiple roofs that slope in different direction create beautiful multi-geometric shapes.

To get the bright of the room, you may take a small part to be placed a glass roof. Then, make the shade roof perfect by combining it with other exteriors. First, you may use vertical siding. But, it is also possible for you to combine it with brick exterior. While the existence of small windows is able to make you house more interesting. If you like something different of your shed roofs, a shaped curved roof will be a great choice for you.


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