Interesting DIY Tables

Every space in your home will be more perfect with the existence of a table. Where, you can serve food and beverages for family and guests over there. Presenting a nice table can add the beauty and comfortable of rooms in your home.

There are many types of tables that you can buy in stores, but making by your own will be more interesting and to give more satisfaction to you. You also can show your own works through DIY table in any room in your home. You can make it at the weekend.

Well, there are many styles of tables you can try to make on your weekend. One of them is a coffee table. You can use oak wood to make it. Choose a timber that is old to get a natural dark color. Arrange the wooden planks by giving a distance between them. Besides, add the wheels on each leg of the table. It will make you easy to move it. If you like to get more natural sense of the table, you may let it with the original color from the wood.

Then, your wooden DIY table can be avoided from drinks that spilled through a glass which pun on the table. Measure the large of glass in accordance with the large of table. Beautify your table with a glass vase and green plants. You room will not only look natural but also fresh. Next, another idea of making a table is by using tree trunks that still has not processed.

The trunk has a diameter of approximately 5 cm will produce a table that is unique and unusual. You simply cut to a length of 30 cm and get 70 pieces to create a table. But if you want a bigger table you can add amount of cuts. After that, fasten the timber into a rectangular shape. If you do not want to tie it, you can directly paste it on a board. To make you easy to move it, you can add the wheels on the board. You can also add glass to enhance your table.

Last, if you like to have unique and unusual DIY table, you can let it unfinished and have color as the origin color of the wood. Work with your creative thought to get interesting tables.





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