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Inspiring Rooms with DIY Light Fixtures


Bored with the rooms in your house? Let’s do something for that. There are many ways that you can apply there, such as wall decorations, unique ceiling, lighting, or others. Here, you will use the great light in making your rooms to be more wonderful. You don’t need to spend much money for that. Creating DIY light fixtures can be great ways that you can do. You are able to show off your ideas freely.

First, you can start by using bottles in your warehouse. Taking the advantages of used things is a right choice at this time. Work with wine bottles. You may place small lamp in the bottle and hang it in your backyard. Make some and hang them together in the same place. If you want the light to be more interesting, you can paint it. Paint it with bright colors.

Stripes colorful bottles will continue the light from the lamp inside. It gives a wonderful lighting to your room. You can also hang them in your porch. The DIY light fixtures of lamps and colorful wine bottles are able to make your porch unique and dramatic. Second, you can use short glass jars of junk food. Clean it and you can use it for lighting your rooms.

Place a yellow bulb inside the jar. Make some glass jar lights and unite them with rope. Then, now your junk food glass jars are ready to be hung. Hang them in your porch or in your back yard. They will be interesting as you want. Third, you can apply create a dramatic black chandelier by painting a brass and adding beads and prisms. Then, you can paint the prisms with black also. That dramatic black chandelier will make your living room more elegant.

Last, take inexpensive DIY light fixtures but unique. And get inspiring rooms in your house.


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