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Inspiring DIY Shoe Rack

Having a lot of shoes is a very pleasant thing, especially for women. In fact, sometimes they still buy it even though they have already had countless shoes. But it may not be a problem if women like to collect a lot of shoes. Which sometimes becomes a problem is where they will store these shoes.

The shoes which are so much surely will make your closet very claustrophobic if you do not know what you should do. However, by making your own shoe rack can help you in that regard. Not only gives a satisfaction, but DIY shoe rack will also helps you in saving your budget. So, you can allocate it for another need.

Spend your weekend to make DIY shoe rack. There are many ways and style that can be done for that. You can start to make from the simples shoe racks. Take the advantages of used things around you. By doing that, it means that you love your environment, too.

First, you can the wooden furniture which is not used anymore. Take the woods and shape them with simple curves. Paint it with white before floating on the wall. Your white crown molding shoe rack can be placed by your shoes. Another simple DIY shoe rack is shoe hanger. You don’t need many things to create it. It’s really cheap. You can use a rope or wire. And that you do is simply hooking a rope to another rope. Stick it on the wall and you’re ready to hang your shoes there.

You can use the help of iron hanger to hang your shoes. That rack is also suitable for your flat and your sandals. Besides, you may make a shoe rack that’s fused with closet. Adjust your DIY shoe rack with the cabinets. But, you may make it different by your own imagination. One important thing of making DIY shoe rack is adjusting with the room you have and also your need. So, your room won’t be messy. 



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