Inspiring DIY Shelves


Every room in your house may be will you design with the best design according to function and level of privacy. The living room, for example, gives the impression of a cozy is a must. Not only comfortable, the living room must also be beautiful. That beauty can be presented through your own creative ideas. That is DIY shelves. Don’t let your blank and do nothing for your living room.

You can take advantage of one side of the wall and make a small shelf long. The width is 5 cm from the wall. Paint it with the same color as the walls. Make some and put them horizontally. What are they for? There you can put pictures of your family in a small frame. You may combine with paintings or another accessory. If your living room is not too large, making a DIY shelve on the corner is a good way. You can make a shelf with a zigzag position and color it with striking colors. So that everyone who enters to your living room will be interested to look at it. If you have pieces of wood that are not used, you can use it. Puree the wood pieces and paint them with white or other colors you want. Paste in the corner with a distance that is not too far between one wood and another. And beautify the DIY corner shelving whit trinkets that you like. Now, your living room is more interesting white minimalist floating corner wall shelf.

Another idea of DIY shelves is by choosing the wooden materials for making unique shelf. Make it as unique as your own imagination. Make the shelves seems unshaped. The size should be not same at all. But keep it still in harmony. Perfect your own design by choosing one theme color. Make your living room tidy and unique, but comfortable.


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