Inspiring DIY Halloween Costumes


The Halloween party is coming up? But you have not prepared yet because you were busy with your job? While up to now your job still takes you time much? Although you are busy in the office but don’t make it as the cause you miss that moment. If you don’t have much time and go out to find the costumes in the stores, don’t worry you will get unique Halloween costumes.

You are able to make your DIY Halloween costume. Grab your great ideas on your mind and show them through your simple but unique Halloween costume you make.

In the short time you have, you will not spend your time to be busy by choosing costumes in the store or you will miss the moment. There are many ways to make your DIY Halloween costumes. Let you mind works. If you don’t have any dress to be décor which suitable for the party, just find a white blanket in the cupboard.

Here, you can show your creative idea. Make two holes on the blanket for the eyes, so you can easy to see when the party is held. Add some holes for the nose, mouth and other parts you like. Make your face up with blush on your ghostly cheeks, and lipstick to show where your mouth should be. Be sure that they can give scary effect to your costumes.

So, now you are ready to be a holy ghost. Well, another idea to create you Halloween costume is by wearing fortune teller costumes. You don’t need to buy the new dress, just take some clothes from your wardrobe.

Get out your head scarf, sparkly top, long skirt and a shawl to drape over your shoulders. Dress them up and support your look by wearing flashy jewelry and lots of gold. Perfect it with the right make up. To be a fortune teller in the party will be unique. Moreover when you walk around with some gypsy magic and tell your friends’ fortunes. While visiting them, you need to give mysterious smile on your face.

Finally, whatever your business, don’t let the Halloween party goes. Impress people in the party with your DIY Halloween costume.



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