Inspiring DIY Curtains

One of many things which determine the health of a room is good air circulation, but it is also influenced by the amount of sunlight coming into the room through the window. The window will probably be just a window if we do not combine with other objects, just as curtains. Curtains don’t just close the window or withstand the hot sunlight into the room, but it also can beautify the room.

Making curtains is not difficult. You can make it yourself at home. And certainly the results of your DIY curtains will be more satisfying in comparison with which you buy at the store. Specify curtains that match to the theme of your space and you can start to make it.

There are many kinds of curtains you can make. One of the simplest curtains is a fabric curtain without any sewing. You only need to prepare a piece of cloth. Make a hole on one side. The holes are used as the place of a hanger. Attach the hangers on the fabric you already have the new curtain which is ready to replace your old curtains.

Other simple DIY curtain is by using papers. Choose paper that is not too thin. Cut the papers into various shapes such as square, rectangle, circle, or maybe you can also make paper birds.

Stacking them on the thread and they are ready to hang. If you prefer, you can insert some photos of your activities between the papers. Then, how about bed curtains? Yeah, that is what you are also able to make by yourself.

Although there many bead curtain sellers, but producing it at home in the weekend will be an interesting activity than just day dreaming. Bead curtains are simple and easy to make. You don’t need to have a special skill to make it.

After preparing the materials you need such as needle, strings, and of course beads, you may start working. Put the beads on the strings that have been cut to the length you want. Make some and then they will be your new curtain.

Finally, in making DIY curtains, you can combine the ideas with your own creative thought. Get simple curtains and get great feels.





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