Inspiring DIY Benches Design Ideas


When you can sit comfortably, it probably makes you are able to stay there for long time. Moreover, if you make the seat where you are sitting is by yourself. It will be your own satisfaction. So, let’s get one of your satisfactions by having DIY bench.

DIY bench is not only can be placed in the garden, it may be used in the room of your house. Although most of people like put it in the garden. There are many types of benches you can apply in your garden. You can create a bench with backrests or without backrest. Choose which one is suitable to your place and your wants.

If you want to put it in the back of your house, it might be better if you add pads on the bench. So that you will feel comfortable to enjoy the time off from your work in the afternoon or just enjoy the rain that fell to earth. Add some cushions there to make it perfect to sit. Then, you can also show your creative ideas by using broken chairs in creating a unique bench.

You simply take advantage of the back seat and rear seat legs. Use both the back of the chair to the right and left side of your bench. While to ties the both backrests, you can use a board that will be used to sit later. Don’t forget to paint it.

So your bench will be more interesting and it doesn’t appear that you create it from a chair in your house that has been damaged. Add a cushion there if you like. And now, it is ready to put in your green garden to accompany you spend your spare time. Invite your friends to be there when they are visiting you. They will enjoy the beauty of your garden and sit on the bench you made.

However the benches you made, try to adjust your DIY bench with the place where it will lay. And get it great.


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