Inspiring Bathroom Storage Ideas

Confused by your narrow bathroom? While you have a lot of toiletries should be stored? Well, put toiletries in any place will make your bathroom look neat and beautiful. So the presence of storage is necessary and will help in creating a comfortable feel in the bathroom. Adjust inspiring bathroom storage ideas with the condition of your bathroom.

Storage takes an area of your bathroom. However, you can take advantage of existing sidelines for storage. You can place cabinets under the sink. There, your toiletries are kept. Over the sink you can apply open shelving. To give nuance of cool, using glass open shelving is a good way.

But if you like something different in your bathroom, it is better for you to use wooden open shelving. Their existence helps you. You don’t need a long time to find out your toothbrush. Open shelving also can be applied on the both side of shower box. It can make you enjoy finding your towel when you want to bath.

On the other side where a toilet is placed, you can add natural black wooden craftsman two doors cabinet with three shelves inside. If still there is space in your bathroom is small, adding wooden rack hanging on the side that is a good choice. You want to get something unique in your bathroom? You can make use of old bottles in your kitchen that are not used.

Wash and hang in your bathroom. Hanging Bottle Storages is one of inspiring bathroom storage ideas. After bathing, your towel will be wet. Making it dry is really important. So, a towel holder is also needed in your bathroom. Another idea for your bathroom storage is by using some rattan baskets that mounted on the wall.

The comfort ofthe bathroom is notonly determinedbyits luxuryequipment usedbutalsothe appropriatearrangement, especiallystorage. So, adjust your bathroomstorageideaswiththeinspiringone. Showthe neatness ofyourbathroomwithstorage.


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