How to Paint Ceiling


One of things to make your room amazing is by painting. Painting is not only an activity of coloring the wall or ceiling. But it can be great creation when you know how to paint ceiling correctly. Painting needs a creativity to produce an interesting wall which is different from others. You can do it by combining several colors or also to give effect to the painting.

Although many people consider that painting is a trivial thing, but if you do not know how to paint ceiling, it can certainly make the result not be maximal. So how to paint the ceiling let produce outstanding work? Let’s see. The first thing you consider is the color selection. What color you are going to use. After that prepare your painting tools such as brushes, brush rollers, sponge paint, cloth bales, paint you have specified and some other equipment you need.

But before you start painting the ceiling of your house, you need to get rid of objects that exist in that space. Remove all of the furniture if possible. This is done to make your belongings are not exposed to splashes of paint. After that, make sure that the ceiling paint that you will really clean. You can clean it first.

Once you are sure that the ceiling of your house really clean, you can start painting it. Use a paint brush and you can use a roller to flatten. To produce appropriate results as you want, you need to know a few things. One of them is if you want your ceiling seem higher and soaring to the top, you can use bright colors, such as white or light brown. Another idea that you can take is to paint the walls with bright colors, while for the plafond is dark.

For you who like something different and unique, and you want to have a sky nuance in the rooms of your house, you may paint a blue sky on it. If you don’t know how to paint ceiling well and you don’t have much time to do, you could ask somebody to help you.


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