How to Organize Your Closet



You have a large closet, but you do not have time to tidy it up every time? It will make your closet a mess and you can spend almost an hour in front of the closet only to choose what you want to wear today. How to organize your closet to make it look neat and not messy?

It’s time to spruce up your closet. There are some things you should do. One of them is to sort the items in your closet. Most people often accumulate stuff in the closet, when in fact they are rarely used. Take the items that are still good and you often wear to put them back in the closet. While for your old stuff that has been worn, all that you need to get rid of.

Then, you also need to organize clothing by function. For example, for t-shirts, you can stack them into a pile. Separate your work clothes with your party dress too. Another idea to make it easy to combine fashion is by adjusting the clothes according to color.

Then, try to use a cabinet or shelf hanging. It will also allow you to look for clothes that you will wear. And try to use a wooden hanger, clothes that you do not easily fall. In addition, too make your clothes not crease and ready to use at any time, it is better if your wardrobe is not too overcrowded.

Whereas for clothes that have a sequin accents, studs and stones with a plastic cover or clothing to avoid snagging with other clothing. And you need to fold party dress made ​​of tulle and lace with applications rocks, or put it in the box.

Because by hanging clothes will make structural changes. Knowing how to organize your closet is not enough, you also should put camphor or moisture absorber tool in the closet to prevent mildew.

Open the closet door regularly and remove the contents for a while so there will no moldy due to lack of air circulation in the closet. Know how to organize your closet and make your look attractive with clothes from the closet that you set yourself.


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