How to Install a Toilet



Toilet is one of what you often visit. Neat, clean, beautiful toilets are the hope of every person. By having it, it will give you satisfaction and pride for its owner.Installing a toilet is not as easy as what we think. As a place closely associated with dirt, you need a special trick to make your dream comes true. What can you do to make it happen? One you can do is know how to install a toilet properly.

Here are the ways how to install a toilet:

  1. Attach thePVCpipe4″ exactly wherewewouldplug thecloset seat.
  2. Make sure that the pipe is not too tight to the back wall. Because it willaffect theinstallation ofthe toiletseat. Then, you should noticethateachbrandwillhave adifferenceinthe distancebetween theholes closet and the
  3. Install the bathroom floor tiles. Don’t forget to leave a part for the toilet hole.
  4. Cut the hole of PVC pipe flush with the ceramic where the toilet is existed.
  5. Before installing the toilet, attach the bathroom wall with tiles. It is to make you easier than when the toilet is already installed. At the time ofinstallation ofthe bathroom wall, you need to make sure that the distance of tapwatercloset is according to the closet imagefrom the shop. Don’t get too close because they interfere with the installation of the toilet later. Don’t too far also or you will get the shower breviary.
  6. Place the toilet on the right on the hole which provided before. Give signs using a marker where later the screws should be.
  7. Drill the place where the screws must be. You can do it with a ceramic drill bit.
  8. And now replace the toilet and tight the screws. Don’t too tight, because it can lead the toilet broken.
  9. Clean it, and it’s ready to use.

That’s how to install a toilet. Get the comfort toilet with the right installation.


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