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How to Decorate a Studio Apartment

You have a studio apartment? Or you live there, instead? Making your residence into a fun place is a must for you. By having comfortable place to stay, you can enjoy your life happily. Know how to decorate a studio apartment and adjust with your character.  

Here is how to decorate a studio apartment that you can do in your apartment.

  1. Use a neutral color for the wall. By applying neutral colors, they can give effects of expanding a small room. So, your apartment will look more spacious. Besides, they also give warm impression.  
  2. You may build white windows. The white around the window increases the lighting, make the room brighter and gives cool shades to your apartment. You can also let the windows without any accessories. It will make the whole room feel more spacious.    
  3. By choosing small furniture but cozy. Try to use small furniture or furniture which is not too big. Large furniture will take lots of space of your apartment. So, take small furniture is a good way without forgetting the comfort.  
  4. To separate rooms in your apartment you can use room dividers. It is really good for your apartment. For example, you can use curtains to divide your bedroom and other rooms. It brings elegant sense to your room. 
  5. Be smart to maximize the usage and layout. To have to think that your studio apartment will not be able to hold all your stuffs. The best solution for that is you need to use furniture with multiple functions. Just like a coffee table in the living room with storage. Even, it can be used as a chair. Then, having a floor shelf is not the right way. Make it float on the wall. It can give an enough road space there. 
  6. Don’t be afraid to make your studio apartment look nice. You can add gold color splashes there. Small space will look more cheerful with bright colors such as gold. 


Those are some ideas how to decorate a studio apartment. Do the best for your apartment as always and get enjoy living there.

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