How to Clean a Porcelain Bathtub

Your bathing activity is disturbed by stains on the bathtub? You will not enjoy being there of course. So, cleaning it is a must. But, the tough stains on your bathtub got you down? The stains can be from everyday use or from drain cleaner and bleach. Here, there are some tips how to clean bathtubs.

The first thing you have to do is by determining the types of your bathtub. You have to know what your bathroom is made of. It is a porcelain bathtub, an enamel bathtub, acrylic bathtub, or other kinds of bathtub.

By knowing the materials of the bathtub, you can now what the weakness and strength of it, so you will not do wrong mistake when you are cleaning it. Well, right now, let’s now what we can do to clean the tough stains on your bathtub. Porcelain is stone-like and the most durable for bathtubs and sinks.

For porcelain bathtub, you can use an abrasive powder to lose the stains. You just need to pour some powder on the stain and add a little bit of water. Another way is by using a scouring pad. The green scrubbing side of a new dish sponge would work for this. Scrub around the area that you’ve applied the abrasive powder to.

Then, if you feel it is really hard to clean tough stain on you bathtub, you can clean it with a pumice stone. But, you have to make sure that your bathtub is made of the porcelain. For enamel tubs and acrylic tub, you are not allowed to use pumice stone because it will mar the surface with scratches.

The last to clean your bathtub is by making a paste. Add Comet and water into a bowl and mix them. You just let the paste set on the bottom of a porcelain tub or sink for 15-30 minutes. Follow with a thorough scrubbing. Those are some ways how to clean bathtubs.

You like to have a clean bathtub? So, by knowing the ways how to clean bathtubs, you will be able to have a comfortable place to bath. Enjoy your bath there.







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