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How to Clean a Mattress

Many people think that changing a bed sheet regularly is enough to dispel various bacteria and germs in the mattress. Really? Are you sure that it’s enough? And if you know, actually the most important is the mattress itself. You might not have been true.

By changing bed sheet regularly, you can feel comfortable sleeping there. But without you know it, your mattress that has not been cleaned will be a place for bacteria and germs which are invisible. This happens because the moisture caused by perspiration, stains, or wet towels that you put on top of the mattress. You do not want to share a place with germs, don’t you? So, let us know how to clean a mattress easily. 

Here are some ways how to clean a mattress that you need to know. 

  1. First, you can use a vacuum cleaner for the easiest way.

Vacuum cleaner can remove dust, dead skin cells, or other small particles stuck to the entire surface of the mattress. You can do it every two weeks. But you also need to clean the vacuum cleaner so that you are not wasted cleaning your mattress. It could be because the vacuum cleaner that’s not cleaned, you just move the dust at your mattress. 

2. You can take the advantage of baking soda. It helps you to neutralize odors. 

You simply sprinkle baking soda all over the rough surface and let stand for 30 minutes. Only then you clean it with a vacuum cleaner. By doing that, your mattress definitely will not smell.

3. Then, you need to pay attention to the various types of stains that often landed on the mattress.

If your mattress stains, clean it immediately. You can use a cloth dampened with cold water, then you use a dry cloth. Use a pressing motion when cleaning. To get a maximal result, you can use a mixture of baking soda, salt, and water. 

4. If you’ve given up, you can take advantage of Laundromat service. It’s done when your efforts are not succeed. 

Those are the ways how to clean a mattress. Know them well and get enjoy sleeping on it.


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