Fantastic Living Room Theater Designs

You like watching movie but you don’t have much time to go to theater? Don’t worry you can do it in your own house. Living room theater designs will help you to make your wants happen. Let’s begin from what living room theater looks like. Basically, it is a living room which is integrated with a television or home theater to make your living room as an entertainment area for you and for your family.

A living room theater can be fantastic if we are able to arrange furniture in the right place, best color choices of everything there, accessories, and another thing you want to put there. First, let’s choose great colors for it. Paint your living room wall beige and combine with white ceiling.

In one of the sides, let the air comes to the room trough a white window. The natural nuance can be produced through the use of wooden flooring. Those will be a good combination for your living room. Then, to make you and your family enjoy while watching movies, you need comfortable seats.

By choosing a comfortable violet sofa with red puff in front of it and a glass coffee table next to it can make you’re your activity more interesting. They face to the large screen. Add some red cushion there. On the right side of the sofa, you can add a brown armchair. While on the left side, you may put a red armchair.

Make you feel like in the real movie theater by using black big television or slim large elevation which mounted on the wall. While you are watching movie, of course you don’t want to have problems in sounds.

So, using black fabulous speakers with good quality are must. Lay them under the both sides of the screen. The lights which not too bright will make your eyes feel nice to watch.

In addition, you like something nature from your living room theater? You can add green plant in the corner of the room. Besides, put a tall slim urn to make it more unique. Happy watching in your fantastic living room theater!


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