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Fantastic Black and White Living Room Designs


Welcoming guests is one of your activities? If so, welcoming them warmly is what you will do to make them feel at home. In making them enjoy being at house, you surely need to provide them a cozy living room. Through the cozy living room, you may also show your character. As the place where everyone will be there when they visit you, they will able to know a bit about you. If you like something simple and not too crowd, black and white living room is right for you. Combine it with great designs so that you will get a fantastic one.

The best design of your black and white living room starts from the wall. Paint the sides of wall with white. Take a side to be used as the main point of the room. You can install a shiny black wall paper for it. Combine it with white brick fireplace. Give some curves on the fireplace sill. They will give a great nuance. Modern, rustic, and artistic senses blend to be one on your fireplace. Add a glass vase with red flowers in it.

You can make your black wall to be more interesting by hanging mirror with full of curves on its frames. Then, your guest will enjoy spending their time to chat with you on the white soft sofa. Accompany the sofa with some black puffs. You may also add black cushions there. It’s also possible for you to put black and white stripes cushions. Place the drinks and snacks for your guests on the black coffee table.

Present a luxurious feels through the glass decorative chandelier over the seat. Complete the lighting in your living room by adding a white floor beside the sofa. Let the sunlight enlightens your living room at noon through the glass windows. Make the window fantastic by using patterned curtains. Spread a rug to beautify it more. If you love art, you may hang some paintings on the blank wall. Adjust with condition around so that you will get a fantastic and perfect black and white living room.


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