Fabulous Rustic Bathroom Designs

You spend long time in the bathroom? You want to make it as a beautiful place so then you also can spoil your face? But you don’t have any idea what the nicest design of your bathroom? So, here is a fabulous rustic bathroom design, it helps you to have a nicest bathroom you ever know. The combination color between door, wall, flooring, ceiling, bath up, sink, toilet, storage and other supporting thing in the bathroom is crucial. The beautify color will be perfected by the existence of lights.

Alright, let’s start from the wall colors. To produce rustic nuance, the ground color is compatible. That is brown. Choose light brown to paint it. Break the rustic nuance by adding bright blue as the door color. The blue color on the table makes the bathroom unique enough. Expand your view by using high ceiling and colored by white. For your steps, let’s use clean white floor tile clean. It is one of combining rustic and chic in this fabulous rustic bathroom.

Light brown wall and white floor. Make you comfort by the presence of a rustic cabinet and sink. Use distressed wood cabinets with river marble counter top. The cabinet can be used as storage. Your bath equipment is kept there. The wood cabinets show the rustic sense, while the river patterns on the counter top show the nature impression.

Put a white sing on the right side of your bathroom. Pair it with a wall mirror. Choose the white frame for the mirror. Beside the sink, you can put a wood shelf. Flank the shelf with a small plant pot. Then, in the opposite of the cabinets, you have a white big claw foot bath up.

To get the fabulous rustic bathroom, put some lights on the ceiling. Add wall lamps over the shelf. To spoil you when cleaning your face, put wall lamps beside the mirror. Last, put on wall hook is important.




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