Extraordinary Yellow Bathroom Designs

One of private rooms in our house is bathroom. There, we take a bath for loosing sweat after having activity outside, brush our teeth, clean our face, may be just wash our hands. So, having extraordinary bathroom is may be your dream.

There are many ideas to make your bathroom be the nicest bathroom you’ve ever known. One of them is by coloring it with yellow. Make your yellow bedroom be extraordinary by combining yellow bathroom ideas with your own ideas.

How to make the yellow bathroom be an extraordinary one? First, let’s color your bathroom with yellow. And combine it with brown ceramic flooring. To make your bathroom seems more spacious, have a high and white ceiling is a good choice.

Then, make your bathroom bright with the morning sunlight with the existence of a wide white window. In front of the window, you can put a bath up. By choosing a white marble bath up can make you bathroom elegant. Next, on the right corner of your bathroom, put a glass shower box. While, on the other corner next to the bath up, you have a sink and mirror.

Double white washbowl and a small wooden storage under the washbowl will make you comfort to wash your hands. In addition, wall mirrors over the washbowl give you coziness while cleaning your face. Add two wall lights over the mirror. They can help you in doing activity there. While, for the main light, it comes from the decorative chandelier which placed up to the bath up.

Making a bathroom always clean and tidy is a must. Put your dirty clothes into a rattan rubbish bin that can be placed near the door. On the other side, you could beautify your yellow bathroom with a yellow flower vase. As the last addition, put a stainless towel rack near the bath up. Get your extraordinary bathroom, get your fresh.


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