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Extraordinary Purple Bedroom Ideas


Who doesn’t want to have a wonderful bedroom? Everyone probably wants to have it. After doing activity outside or maybe having problems at work, everyone wants to rest in the most comfortable place. Comfortable and interesting bedroom are able to make you enjoy your rest time. There are many ways to make your dream come true. One of them is by choosing purple as the dominant color of your room. Later on, you can perfect it by playing with purple with other colors. Violet, shabby, dark purple, light and another color from purple can be used in your purple bedroom. Grab the purple bedroom ideas and complete it with your own ideas.

You can start purple bedroom ideas from the color combination for your bedroom. Let’s see the nice flooring that you can install there. Shabby light purple flooring will be a great choice. Combine it with black wall. Your room will be a bit dark indeed, but it can be luxurious and elegant with the right combination. Let the white ceiling makes the room more spacious and brighter. Present a glass window there. The sunlight will enlighten your bedroom through the window at noon. Use a violet bed with purple headboard. The wall behind the headboard can be covered by shiny purple wallpaper. It’s able to make the blank black wall look stylish. Make the bed more interesting with purple pillows.

You may also add some white stripes pillows. While on the both sides of the bed, you can place two shiny table lamps. Place them on the black table. The reflected light of the purple lampshades will illuminate and make the black wall really nice. Then, as the main lighting, a glass decorative chandelier which hangs over the bed could be applied in the room. Surround it with crystal strands which hanging down as long as the chandelier. Attach the strands of the crystal into a circle shape. And see, it is luxurious. Have you ever imagined that you can lay down on the most comfortable bed with extraordinary lightings? It will be one of memorable experience in your life.

Your best purple bedroom ideas can be perfected by a shabby purple rug. Spread it out there and get a cozy feel.



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