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Extraordinary Luxury Closet


One of important rooms in your house that should be considered for its beauty is closet. Actually it is not only about its beauty, but also about its coziness. So then you can really enjoy finding your clothes. If you like something luxurious, having an extraordinary luxury closet will be one of your dreams. It does not only give you coziness but also a satisfaction that will never pay off. Play with anything you have, your ideas, your energy, your time, even your money to achieve your goal of having an extraordinary closet.

There are some ways that you can apply to your luxury closet. One of them is the arrangement of the wardrobes or clothes closets. Put your wardrobes on the side of the room and attach to the wall. It is done to make the middle of the room is empty. There you can walk freely to choose what costumes you are going to wear today. Separate your clothes based on the functions and put them in different place.

You can use opening shelves or glass one. The glass shelves will be really good to be used for your sandals. Add ceiling lamps over it to enlighten your goods there. Then, try to use curved wooden wardrobes. The amazing curves on it will make it wonderful. Combine those with shiny marble flooring. Dark brown is a great choice for it. Inside of the deep room you may let it empty.

Paint the wall of its part with shabby green and white. Place a couple brown sofa with green cushions. Make the wall more stylish and elegant by presenting simple white shelves. They are just for some flower vases and small urns. So, you will have someone to give you suggestions which the best dress for you. Your closet can be more extraordinary by using the right lighting. You can take ceiling lamps which surround the luxurious chandelier in the middle of the room. If you need more lighting, you place floor lamps as you want.

And now, it’s time for you to store your clothes, sandals, and also accessories in the luxury closet. Arrange as well so that you will be easy to take your clothes.


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