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Extraordinary IKEA Bathroom Vanity

Make you feel comfortable doing your activity in an extraordinary IKEA bathroom vanity. Through that unusual bathroom, you can get an awesome experience when bathing. Just imagine, when you arrived at home after work, you will feel very tired. But, you will be able to refresh your body only by bathing in your extraordinary IKEA bathroom. The terrific designs and the cool atmosphere there make you achieve the aim of yours.

You are able to get IKEA bathroom vanity from the use of wooden cabinets and supporting furniture used there. The vanity of your bathroom will be shown from the cabinets and sinks. But, before presenting bathroom vanity of yours, you would be better to choose the correct ceiling, flooring and the wall. By choosing light brown flooring, brown ceiling, and beige wall, you will be easy to make the cabinets as the point of your bathroom.

Beside, the bright of those colors also make your bathroom more spacious and seem warm. As the point, dark wooden IKEA cabinets are the good choice for you. Two high cabinets which frank the sink will be more elegant by additional wooden cabinets under the sinks. You may also make it more modern by using white laminate countertop on the cabinets.

Then, another way to make your bathroom vanity more modern is through glass bowl sink. Place double glass sinks, so that you can keep your togetherness with your lovely one there. Complete it with three large mirrors. Mirrors which install throughout the countertop can give a nuance of artistic if covered by curved wooden frames. Over the mirrors, you may place wall lamps. Wall lamps with flower shapes will add the beauty of it.

On the other hand, the yellow light of those lamps make the vanity of your bathroom increases. Don’t forget, it’s also possible for you to choose elegant IKEA bathtub to perfect it. A white toilet from IKEA is also able to take for that. If you want to get an extraordinary IKEA bathroom vanity, you can do that by applying IKEA bathroom furniture. It would be great and you will get a satisfaction from it.




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