Extraordinary House with Penny Floor


You lack of ideas to create a house which is different from the others? As the place where we spend much time of our life there, a house must not only cozy but it should be interesting. There are many ways to make your house interesting. One of them is through the floor. You can choose many kinds of flooring, tile floor, wooden floor, ceramic floor, even penny floor. Tile, ceramics, and wooden flooring are usual and most of people apply them in their house. So, let’s get something different by using pennies for your floor.

Penny floor can be applied in all rooms of your house. One of rooms that will be antique with pennies is kitchen. How your kitchen will be by installing penny there. Before putting the pennies, you need to know the condition around. Silver cabinets which frank the wooden cabinets in your kitchen could be great combination. Try to choose dark brown wooden cabinets to keep the harmony among the elements there. Float them on the white wall. Combine the white wall with white backsplash. The white of them is able make your kitchen brighter because the pennies on the floor make the room darker.

Add white wall lamps on the backsplash to light your meals that are being cooked. In the middle of the room, you may have a light orange countertop with white stand. It looks elegant on the stunning penny floor. It can be more interesting by adding a glass vase with green plans in it.  It also makes the room fresher. Don’t forget to present windows where the sunlight will illuminate the floor. The floor will give great reflections to the room. Then, now, imagine when you have a beautiful and cozy kitchen; you have a big spirit to serve food for your family. Present an extraordinary feel to the kitchen by installing penny floor in unique shapes. It is full of art.


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