Extraordinary Baby Boy Nursery Ideas


Awaiting the birth of your baby? It will definitely make you and your husband happy. There are many things to be prepared for your baby. One of them is setting up a comfortable bedroom. With baby boy nursery ideas, you can provide a comfortable place for your baby.

For your baby boy, the selection of colors that are not too crowded would indicate that the room was for your boy. Try to don’t use colors such as pink, light blue, or purple. The colors are better used for your baby girls.

Your baby room can be extraordinary with baby boy nursery ideas and your own imagination. One thing to do firstly is by choosing the color of the wall, ceiling, and floor. Grey wall can indicate that your baby is not mushy, he will be strong boy. Combine it with white ceiling and white flooring. By applying the colors your baby room cooler.

The presence of windows in your son’s room is very important. In the morning when the sun is shining brightly, carrying your baby in sunlight will make him healthy. Close the window with light grey curtain when it is too bright in the midday.

The cool baby nursery will be perfect with the existence of wooden furniture. Use a wooden baby box and place it in the corner. Add wood dresser beside the baby box. You can use a dresser for storing toiletries for your baby or your child’s clothes.

If you need more place, a small wardrobe will help. To light your activity in the dark, you can you a white lamp. While, perfect the light with a round table lamp on the dresser. Over the dresser, you may hang a mirror with white frame.

Avoid the monotonous sense in your baby room. Your baby boy nursery ideas will be more unique with wall décor. Make white paper birds and paste on the wall near the baby box. Another thing you can do is by putting some paintings or pictures there.



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