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Exciting Studio Apartment Ideas


Grab exciting studio apartment ideas to achieve your dream of having a cozy play to stay. Your studio apartment maybe isn’t as big as a house. Yet, you can make it as a paradise of yours. You can stay comfortably and you also easy to catch great ideas there. Try to design it inspiring as well. You can do many things. Great ideas and designs help you to present a studio apartment as you want.

The exciting studio apartment ideas could be started from the ceiling. White ceiling is the right way to make your studio apartment more spacious that its real size. You may combine it with light brown flooring. Use pattern flooring tile to lose the monotonous feel.

That flooring will really nice in combining with faux painting wall. Yet, it’s also possible to use wallpaper. Light brown wallpaper with nuance of wood could be applied. Then, now you will separate the apartment into some parts for your bed, your kitchen, your work, or maybe for welcoming your soul mate. In dividing it, you don’t need any dividers.

Why? When you use dividers, they can take much space of the studio apartment, whereas it is not too big. Just place the bed in middle. Take a simple bed with simple headboard. White bed with pattern brown cover sheet is welcome. Frank the bed with black table lamps. They are used to enlighten you while sleeping. While as the main lighting is from the ceiling lamps. Don’t let you lack of update news. Lying down and watching TV can be done together. Just place the TV in front of the bed. Put it on the wooden dresser.

The dresser has multifunction. Not only as the place for the TV, but it also can be used for store your documents. Next to them, two chairs with a glass round table are enough. Don’t forget to add a desk and a chair where you can work. In the deep part, you may have a small kitchen and a bathroom. Wooden small kitchen cabinets are enough.

To perfect your studio apartment ideas, it’s better to not have any wall décors. They can make the apartment crowded when you don’t put correctly.



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