Exciting Small Laundry Room Ideas


You’re out of luck with having a home that is not too big, but you have to divide it into several rooms including laundry room. As a result, you only have laundry room which is not great. But many small laundry room ideas to make your room laundry to be more exciting.

The activity of washing your laundry is really boring. Yet, you can change it to be interesting activity. Make your laundry room more spacious by coloring the wall with light brown and high white ceiling. For flooring, you may choose pattered brown tile. It will be a great combination for your laundry room.

Your washing activity is helped by two washing machines which put inside the room. If you want them as the point of the room, so by choosing red washing machines is a good way. Over them you can add white wood cabinets with a wood rack.

On the other side of the room you are able to have another white rack or open shelf and iron table. There you can lay down your clothes which put in the rattan basket. To make your laundry room is not boring; indulge your eyes with colorful abstract paintings. In increasing your comfort when washing, adequate lighting is needed.

Use some white lamps will be good for your small laundry room. If you an art lover, applying small laundry room ideas with your creative ideas as you want will be your own happiness. It can be done by using a unique wall light will be your choice.

Last but least, you can place more accessories there. Adjust it with the color of the laundry room, the size and also needs a smart way. If you like bright colors and you want to have a colorful laundry room, using combination colors of your small laundry room ideas is great preference.

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